Functional & Smart Design For Your Modern Office

A pedestal in the 18th Century normally made up part of a desk to improve functionality by offering storage for papers, documents and other items. At this moment in history, desks had already evolved from basic table-like designs to large ornamental creations.

Although we may not have called them desks, a table was used in ancient China that served a similar purpose to today’s office desking. We can show you via our office furniture and pedestal hire range how much modern designs have moved forward!

Storage has always mattered...

People from this era, adapted tables, to allow them to paint and draw much more easily. This is one of the early examples of the functionality of tables, and over time they were developed to suit many different purposes. Products manufactured prior to the 15th Century had a resemblance to today’s designs. This is because printing presses were not in wide use and work surfaces were manufactured to write on and provide storage room for writing equipment and implements.

The first pedestals?

Pedestal desks were an evolution of these basic designs, and offered lots of features for workers who had roles where they needed to write and retrieve/store documents. These desks are still made today and they make a classic and stylish impression in any room. With today’s modern workplace, companies like to design office space specifically for their own needs. For example, an organisation may not require storage space, but may have a large need for desking, such as in schools or colleges. Some offices may require storage that can be re-located easily, rather than fixed to one specific desk.

This is why pedestals that don’t form part of a desk can be so useful - they add a large degree of flexibility to workspaces. Many offices around the globe are quickly seeing the benefits of having a flexible space because rooms can operate in lots of different capacities, as a training room one day and a brainstorming location the next for example.

Mobile for flexible spaces

Our mobile pedestals are exactly that - mobile! They feature a wheeled base, meaning they can be moved with ease and without effort throughout your premises. Of course, a perfect location for this product, is under our straight leg desks. We’ve had many items made especially to our designs, so lots of products have complementary finishes, including our pedestals, desks and modular tables and bookcases, which all feature a light oak veneer.

So, you’re free to really up the storage capacity of your workstations, depending on your needs. Giving storage areas a boost is easy, because you can choose from all these complementary items, such as our bookcases. Other products that look great alongside our pedestals and desks, are our filing cabinets and double door cupboards.

Secure in seconds

When placed under your desk, you get easy and instant access to the storage system, which offers two drawers, one smaller over a large drawer, great for storage of papers, documents and digital equipment. Another great feature of this product line is that it’s fully lockable, giving a secure location to store sensitive information and valuables. Although under-the-desk is a natural position for our pedestals, you can use them anywhere in your office or at your event. The wheels allow it to be moved with ease.

Stylish finish

Opulent and top quality woods were often used in the first desks that were destined for decadent locations. We’ve made sure that our range is also top quality, to match our other cost effective but premium furniture hire London products. Made from 25mm melamine material, our pedestals are really robust, and the veneer is both heat and stain resistant. The light oak used in the finish is both contemporary and modern, fantastic for light, airy spaces, that are keen to look stylish and smart.

Wooden Mobile Pedestal


Dimensions:  W410 x D560 x H590mm

Two drawers of roomy storage

Wheeled and is easy to relocate

Lockable for your confidential files

Complements our office range

When you require subtle storage that blends with other items in your workstation, such as your desk or bookcases, then our mobile pedestal is a great choice. With two drawers that are lockable, there’s a good deal of room to store files and lots of other items including laptops and digital equipment. Fully mobile, you can store this under your desk with ease or move to another location.