Black Stretch Barrier

  • Very smart and stylish black finish
  • Features matching black webbing
  • Webbing length: 2000mm (2m)
  • Sturdy barriers for all your events
  • Robust and can be used outdoors

Robust and smart, you get a very practical and sleek looking product when you choose our black stretch barrier. The webbing extends very easily, clipping on to surrounding posts with ease - fantastic for all sorts of occasions, from sporting events, night club openings or anywhere that requires crowd control barriers.

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Mobile, Smart Crowd Management For All Your Events

Since crowd control barriers were first used, they’ve become much more refined, and more importantly, exceptionally mobile, so they can be transported easily to venues and moved around locations with little effort. We have several different types of stretch barriers, all with their own look and finish, so whether you require really smart crowd control, barriers with a glamorous appearance, or a product line that can be used throughout venues - you’ve come to the right place!

Why balloons led to barriers

Before 1864, crowd control wasn’t as straightforward as it is now, and that’s because there weren’t many products available to those companies, organisation, entertainment and sporting venues who wanted to provide guidance to large groups of people. But all this changed in the mid to late 1800s, when a French photography decided to travel to Brussels in his hot air balloon. Called Nadar, the photographer also had a strong passion for flying through the skies on his huge balloon, which earned the name Le Geant (translates as the Giant) because of its immense size.

Thinking about the safety of this journey, the writer made sure that his landing caused as little threat as possible to spectators by putting mobile crowd control barriers in place. This caused such an impact at the time and the following years, that these devices are still called Nadar barriers in some parts of the world.

Modern-day measures

The intention to make sure large crowds of people remain safe at events hasn’t changed over the years, but the way this is achieved has been developed. As venues have become larger over the following hundred of years since le Geant floated through Belgian airspace, crowd management has become extremely important. Since Nadar set up the mobile barriers, these products have undergone change, while premises have adopted policies and regulations so people can quickly and safely enter/exit properties and also enjoy events on site.

How to make visitors safe?

Health and safety is so important for premises these days, that the design of complexes often revolves around certain features - such as fire exits and flame retardant materials for example. There are also lots of regulations to uphold when it comes to ensuring the wellbeing of guests in venues.

This is one reason why our black stretch barrier hire range might be the perfect product for your large occasions. They offer seamless crowd management - and can help identify areas for queueing, and entering/exiting building. Because it’s very clear where people ought to stand or enter/leave premises then they can do this with ease - which is very important during evacuations or fire drills for example.

Smooth, stylish crowd control

As well as helping you to maintain fire protocols, our black stretch barriers have a stylish design and fit into many different locations - so you not only get smooth crowd control, but stylish crowd control too! The black webbing and post is classy and smart and perfect for these types of locations, such as VIP clubs, executive lounges and exclusive bars. we also have robust and smart chrome stretch barriers, as well as our red ropes and chrome posts for those premium events.


We want to define VIP areas, what do you suggest?

Both our black and chrome stretch barriers are ideal for VIP areas. Another options is our red ropes and poles. The deep red of the rope looks very deluxe and combines well with the chrome post to create a very sophisticated look.

Our nightclub requires barriers for entry to our premises - can the webbing be extended/retracted smoothly?

Yes. The webbing can be pulled from the post and smoothly returned in seconds, or you can connect webbing from one post to another with ease.


Measurement Value Unit
Height 940 mm
Width 2720 mm
Depth 360 mm