Bournemouth International Centre

Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) Furniture Hire

When someone mentions the word ‘Bournemouth’ sunshine and seagulls suddenly spring to mind, wisps of fluffy clouds floating over an ocean of blue sea, white sandy beaches combined with the smell of fish and chips, salt wafting on a summer breeze, dipping your toes in the ocean and running alongside the surf. All very idealistic and magical but then Bournemouth is rather magical as is the Bournemouth international centre.

The building plays host to a number of events, conferences, exhibitions and other forms of entertainment. It is easily accessible by car and is served by public transport being just a two hour train ride direct from London. 

Onsite Facilities

The onsite catering facilities are enviable and offer a selection of food and beverages that are first class. Providing the facility of catering that is tailored specifically to your requirements you will be able to enjoy a fun day or night out, knowing that you will be able to enjoy onsite facilities of the highest standard. 

Perhaps one of the most interesting and accommodating aspects of the Bournemouth International Centre are the number of internal facilities in terms of accommodating guests and hosting events. There are four main halls which are available for a whole host of events and provide excellent entertainment. There are also a number of function and meeting rooms which are great for holding conferences or business meetings. 

Planning a Meeting or Conference?

If you plan to organise a meeting or conference then it would be prudent to think ahead in terms of the number of guests who will attending and what facilities you plan to offer. Will you be serving food or drink? will the event be held indoors or outdoors? Fortunately at Online Furniture Hire we have a range of furniture that facilitates all tastes. Irrespective of how many guests are in attendance our blue or black polyprop chairs are a convenient chair hire choice. They are lightweight, easy clean and can be stacked up to ten high when not in use. Similarly our blue or black stacking chairs styled with a chrome frame are a fabulous chair hire option they are very comfortable and have an appealingly sophisticated style. 

Conference Range

Our conference table range is equally extensive, they are easily assembled and very adaptable offering you the option to create your own conference space in a conveniently short amount of time. The modular rectangular tables are available in varying sizes for you to create the bespoke meeting area you require. Similarly our D-end meeting tables are easily combined to create the perfect circular conference table. Whatever your furniture hire needs we can offer you a fabulous selection of high quality furniture.