Old Billingsgate Market London

Old Billingsgate Market London Furniture Hire

Billingsgate, the name is synonymous with fish and understandably so. Once a sprawling metropolis of quayside buildings close to the river, Billingsgate has carved its name in stone as a place of such historical significance that it continues to be revered as a first class market for its trade in wide and variably exotic fish. Historically and traditionally it created a scene of awesome hustle and bustle with lively tradesmen marketing their wares, customers with sleepy eyes arriving for the early morning arrival of fish from nearby shores. 

Landmark Location

Now located in a new arguably trendier location close to Canary Wharf, Billingsgate is no less impressive and still stands out as a landmark location. Not only does it continue to be one of England’s biggest fish markets it is also a cultural melting pot, as diverse as the fish on sale Billingsgate is a treasure trove of discovery. 

Since its re-location to the Isle of dogs in 1982 the market has continued to hold the allure of being one of Britain’s biggest attractions. Customers and tourists alike visit the site with equal gusto anxious to take in the vast richness of bellowing tradesmen inviting you to sample their produce, the jovial banter, the people milling around savouring the sights and sounds of a place that retains its historical richness. 

Open to All

Although primarily a buyers paradise for wholesalers, restaurateurs and the like the market is open to all, anyone eager to sample the delights of fish fresh from shores as far afield as Aberdeen and Cornwall. The building itself is an expanse of 53,000 square metres, an awesome size by any stretch of the imagination. All the traders come prepared setting up post early morning ready to start business. 

Quick and Easy Furniture Hire

Filling such a vast space efficiently is vital to ensure trade runs smoothly. Most will use items of furniture that can be transported and set up quickly. Our outdoor furniture range is exactly the kind of furniture that is suitable for this type of venue. Our white plastic rectangular banqueting tables are perfect they are collapsible and stackable making them ideal for quick set ups and for storage. Equally useful are the range of polyprop chairs ideal for large events they are strong and sturdy and can be hired in quantities of up to a thousand. 

Equally elegant options include our white folding chairs, which will add a touch of style to any event, they are not only smart but are also a wise choice in terms of saving space, since they fold quickly and can be stored away in a matter of seconds.