Black Stacking Chairs to Hire

When organising any multi seating event there is going to be issues that need to be tackled, especially about the seating that is required, including where to get it from and how much is needed. Events such as lectures, seminars, functions, conferences and meetings all need seating that is appropriately formal, yet not uncomfortable for guests to sit on. The most suitable chairs for these types of events need to be soft yet formal; lightweight yet sturdy. Online Furniture Hire has a wide range of chairs available to hire that are well suited for these exact needs, be it a function or a meeting. One of our particularly popular seats is the Stacking Chair. This product comes in 3 colours: black, blue and burgundy. It has been designed specifically to be easily stored. When not in use, these chairs don not take up much room as you can stack up to 5 on top of each other. This makes it easy to set up a conference or meeting quickly, and you’re able to move the furniture away afterwards when the chairs are no longer needed. They are also fairly lightweight chairs, which also makes them perfect for moving around the room to get the setting right.  It has been noted by many that these chairs are very comfortable, as the seat back and the reverse of the chairs are upholstered. Compared to the hard plastic chairs you see in many places, these are much nicer to sit in. This is especially useful during fairly long conferences or any such similar event. When people are sitting down for long periods of time, they need a comfortable chair to sit in and this can automatically improve and enhance how well the conference or lecture goes, giving the guests an all round better experience. The chair’s frame is made if very sturdy chrome coated steel, in an oval tube style. This makes it extremely robust and strong, which is what sets it apart from the normal stacking chairs - giving it that extra value for money. The proportions of the chair have been designed to be comfortable for all shapes and sizes, with a depth of 600, a height of 820 and a width of 500. Chair hire is the easiest way to furnish for any multi seating environment, as well as the cheapest. This chair is usually at a low weekly rate of £3.50 but at the moment it is even lower, at only £2.99 a week. At these affordable prices they are a very smart option; it is no wonder that this is one of the most favoured chairs to hire from us.  Furthermore, if you are in need of a table and chair set, this chair is well suited to a lot of our range. Perhaps for a meeting, or even a conference, the chairs can be set with the circular banqueting tables. These tables come in 3 different sizes, depending on the type of the event you require them for. Other tables in which others have hired the chairs with in the past include the range of meeting tables, which come in all different shapes and sizes, and the trapezoid table. The chairs are traditionally formal, perfect for a business setting. Comfort is an important factor in how well events go – especially when it comes to meetings, conferences and other official events. We all know how difficult it is to concentrate if you’re comfort hasn’t been well catered for. So if you are looking for a versatile chair of high quality, then why not use our Stacking Chair; one of the most practical chairs in the event furniture range.