Exam Tables

The first flush of exams for 2012 is over and you hope that you have done everything possible to enable your students to perform at their best and to achieve the results they deserve. It won't be long, however before the next round of exams is due so now is the time to ensure that you provide the optimum environment for those who will be taking them. The most important area to address is undoubtably the provision of high standard exam tables for your students. Is your exam hall currently filled with old, tatty exam tables that were at their best some years ago but today look extremely uninviting to your students? If so, then you need to act now and replace them with modern, practical tables that are comfortable to work at and will create a much better environment for your students. At Online Furniture Hire UK we can help you achieve this as we stock a huge number of high quality, strong exam tables which you can hire or purchase at fantastic prices. Our tables have several features that make them ideal for school, colleges and universities. For example they fold away when not in use and are therefore a very practical choice where space is of a premium, such as in an exam hall which is often a multi purpose area. They have been made with a 15mm beech effect finish which is easy clean and durable, both important features if they are to stand up to the rigours of student use! When choosing your exam tables you also need to consider the level of comfort and practicality that they offer, and again, our tables meet these requirements, as they are designed with a slanting top which makes them much more comfortable when being used during long exams. Obviously if your students are comfortable when they are working they will be able to concentrate and therefore perform better. Both our hire and purchase prices are very competitive and as we hold such large numbers of exam tables in stock we are able to offer you next day nationwide delivery and installation by our experienced team. We currently supply to hundreds of schools, colleges and universities as our exam tables are so popular. Don't forget, however, that we can also supply you with equally high quality chairs for your exams, so why not get all of your exam furniture from us, and save yourself both a lot of stress and expense.