White Folding Chair

Are you looking for a budget chair that looks great, is comfortable to sit on, is space saving and available in large quantities? Even if you find one that fulfils all of these requirements, buying large numbers will certainly push the price up considerably and it will no longer be the cheap option that you originally envisaged. Why not instead choose chair hire which will give you so many benefits that you won't get from purchasing your chairs. The most obvious one is cost as it is going to be much cheaper to hire a large number of chairs than to buy them, but this is not the only advantage of chair hire. It is also more practical as you may only need the chairs for a short term event and by hiring they can be returned when no longer needed. Furthermore, by hiring you can select modern up to date chairs that haven't become tired and tatty. Whatever your needs, be it a large business function or a social gathering such as a wedding, Online Furniture Hire have the ideal budget chair. It is our white folding fan back chair which is sufficiently smart to grace any important function but is available at a surprisingly low cost considering it's features. For example it is constructed from sturdy tubular steel and reinforced with front and rear braces and has a weight capacity of 17.5 stone. Obviously, because it is foldable it is a great choice where space is of a premium but although of a simple, compact design it has a deep contoured seat ensuring that it still delivers on comfort. In addition it has a white polypropylene seat and back, making it very easy to clean. Online Furniture Hire can deliver this chair in extremely large quantities, even at short notice, so if you need to add to your order we will be able to accommodate this. Moreover, as our white folding fan back chair is so lightweight, transport costs will be greatly reduced, making this a really economical chair for you to use at your event. Our specialist team can help install and assemble all items that you order, providing you with an efficient service that is hassle free. Why not take a look at our other furniture and accessories to hire as we have a superb range of highly affordable items that will enhance any setting, some of them being on special offer at the moment, making them even more appealing!