Wooden Bookcase 4 Tier
Wooden Bookcase 4 Tier

Wooden Bookcase 4 Tier


£29.99 /week

Dimensions:  W800 x D300 x H1800mm

Spacious bookcase 1800mm high

Four tiers for books, files and more

Light oak finish is very chic and stylish

Suits business and domestic settings

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Bookcase? Don't Be Fooled By The Name!

Although they’re very familiar and popular today books haven’t always existed and neither have bookcases! Even when there is fierce competition from fay’s digital readers, the simple book is holding its own and continues to be bought across the globe for relaxation, education and more. Even though those living thousands of years ago didn’t have access to books, they still had precious documents they wanted to preserve, so we could say that a type of bookcase has existed for a very long time.

The launch of the first bookcase?

During the life of a Roman philosopher Seneca who was born in 4 BC a kind of cabinet started to become popular in the region, as people become more interested in the teachings of Seneca and looked for a suitable place to store scrolls. This was despite the fact that literacy was quite low at this time, and homeowners may have been unable to read - but domestic libraries were fast becoming the norm.

For all your valuables!

Likewise, in China hundreds of years later valuable were texts were also housed in specially-made furniture, some of which revolved. In Europe bookcases were not really required that much until printing presses were launched in the 15th Century that were designed so many publications could be created in a shorter space of time. Instead of storing books in cupboards featuring doors, it was easier to place them in a more ‘open’ piece of furniture where texts could be easily admired and accessed.

Modern and stylish

Our furniture hire London bookcase, combines both the practical properties of popular products, with a real 21st Century influence. We stock both two-tier and four-tier bookcases, meaning you can get the perfect size for the space you have available, in your office, reception, at your event and in your own home. The thick melamine wood is top quality and you’re free to line the shelves with your favourite novels, or other items to bring some character to locations, should photos, trinkets, or plants, for example.

Put the oh into oak

Oak is a favoured wood for traditional style bookcases, and we’ve chosen a very similar finish for our furniture hire London range. When you hire our four-tier bookcases, you’re choosing very contemporary looking items, with a light oak finish. This is a light, modern look, perfect for those locations where style and appearance is important, from offices, to hotels, conference centres, bars, bistros, cafes, receptions and many more venues.

You’re also free to team our hire bookcases, with other top quality items from our range that also have a great contemporary design, such as our mobile pedestals, desks, filing cabinets and double door cupboards.


This is destined for a top end reception - is it easy to keep clean?

Very. All our bookcases feature a premium melamine finish, which is stain-free and simple to keep clean - just wipe with a damp cloth.

Can I order them for my home office?

Of course! You can use these in any location you like. Our long term hire deals suit many of our customers because they are exceptionally affordable, even cheaper than buying the same product online.