Corbusier Armchair - Black
Corbusier Armchair - Black
Corbusier Armchair - Black
Corbusier Armchair - Black
Corbusier Armchair - Black
Corbusier Armchair - Black

Corbusier Armchair - Black


£129.00 /week

Dimensions:  W760 x D700 x H670mm

Exceptionally modern design

Black finish is ultra smart

Cushioned for extra comfort

Also available as a two seater

Product Variants

Corbusier Armchair - Black
Corbusier Armchair - White

Frequently hired with...

Black Chrome Framed Leather Sofa


Superior Style & Comfort...

When we think of sofas, we probably call to mind the one we have in our own homes, somewhere to relax after a long day, catch up with family or even do some work.

It’s clear to see they’re a fabulous item for all these activities, which is why we’re just as likely to find them in offices, workplaces, cafes and bars, as we are our own homes. Our one seat leather chair hire range is a great choice when you want timeless looking soft seating that not only offers fantastic looks, but superior levels of comfort too!

Seating for royalty?

Walking into many bars, restaurants, cafes, receptions and hotels, you’ll see that sofas are everywhere! It wasn’t always the case though, in fact when this furniture hire item was being used - as far back as 2000 BC - they were reserved for those people high up in Egyptian society. In fact, this remained the case for a very long time, with Egyptians and Romans producing very opulent designs for their VIPs!

Spring into the 1900s!

Around the 1600 to 1700s sofas, like many other types of household furniture, became much more popular, and lots of designs were made at this time that fit with a larger range of budgets. Armchairs were much closer in appearance to today’s sofas than previous years - but householders and businesses had to wait a bit longer before springs - rather than horse hair and feathers - were used to stuff cushions. By the 1960s there was an even greater selection of sofas made from all kinds of materials.

Corbusiers - adding style since 1928...

Before the 1960s a very comfy and stylish chair was designed by Charlotte Perriand called the Grand Confort. Produced in 1928 with angular looks and industrial-type materials, this chair lived up to its name and was exceptionally comfortable. One glance at this innovative product and our one seater corbusier shows the similarities they have - in both comfort and design. We’ve made sure that our range stays very close to the original, offering the same black finish and oversized cushions that you can just sink into and relax.

Achieving timeless elegance with your sofa hire!

The angular lines have that timeless quality, resulting in a furniture rental item that is contemporary with a traditional edge - perfect for those stylish locations, such as bars, clubs, lounges, receptions and corporate conferences. The chrome frame adds to this modern look, bringing extra elegance to the one seater corbusier, and all the sofas in this range. Feel free to combine our black and white models for an ultra-trendy look, and we also have larger sizes available in both finishes.

Is it possible to just order one corbusier sofa?

Certainly! Our hire terms are very flexible, you can order just the products you require for any length of time, from hours to weeks and months.

Can I mix and match different colours?

Yes. You’re able to order any products from our range, and please feel free to mix up your order with any selection of items. We also have white corbusier sofas if you’d like to provide seating in contrasting colours.
Seat Depth540mm