Chair Hire - What Do We Deliver? 10Sep

Chair Hire - What Do We Deliver?

The short answer to this question is everything that you’ve ordered from us! We take full responsibility in getting your order to your London or UK venue at the time requested.

Four seasons furniture hire!

As well as the usual run of conferences, exhibitions and meetings, there are lots of occasions that require chair hire and all types of furniture that we stock. We've recently seen sporting events, music festivals and street parties and proms taking place. We really enjoy helping out with all these occasions and bringing you the products you need, which we do via our fully flexible delivery service, which can be tailored by you. If you’d like to read more, take a look at these key points regarding our deliveries:

When you need your furniture quickly

We’ve all likely been to a large event that required rental chairs. The occasion could be a show, meeting or conference, and we might not give the furniture a second thought as we took our seats and enjoyed the event. As a provider of products to all these kinds of occasions we know that even the most planned for events sometimes require last minute seating - and what happens then?

Reasons vary why some clients need additional chairs, it could be because bigger-than-expected crowds are turning up for example. We offer same day deliveries to London and next day deliveries to the rest of the UK. This is a great option when you suddenly realise that there aren’t enough chairs to go around - we have plenty we can deliver very quickly. On the other hand, when you want to book months and months in advance, you’re free to do so too! Delivery slots can be booked at any time of the day or night so we arrive at the time you need us to.

Does size matter?

Not really! Whether your order is on the smaller side, such as one white chrome framed leather sofa, or much, much larger we will deliver what you require. Thanks to our warehouses in major cities across the UK, including London, Birmingham and Manchester we not only have stocks travelling into our capital daily, but many other locations too. We arrange our deliveries to suit you, and have become involved in lots of complex jobs. For some complex jobs, the customer required delivery of thousands and thousands of chairs over a three-day period, while a different client ordering a similar number, preferred their’s all arriving on the same day… the choice is entirely yours!

Reaching out to the rural!

Some of our customers worry that they live too far away from our warehouses to place an order. But our network stretches across the entire of mainland Britain. Whether you live in remote areas of the country or in the heart of the capital, our drivers will be there with your furniture. This applies to any event location, so if your venue is a windswept marquee in a field hosting a festival, or a modern conference room towering over the London landscape, we’ll be there.