Five Reasons Stacking Chairs Are Great For Exams 11Aug

Five Reasons Stacking Chairs Are Great For Exams

There are a great many locations where our stacking chairs fit in perfectly, and we visited a large London school lately to see what a great choice they make for exams. The school hired 120 of our Kensington black stacking chairs for their assessments.

Affordable class...

Our Kensington black stacking chairs are one of our most versatile products. Because of their smart design they’re often favoured by companies and businesses who want classy looking seating for a whole range of activities, from meetings, to training sessions, lectures and seminars.

Top marks for versatility

As we saw recently, another top use for our black or blue stacking chairs is for assessments, in both the workplace and all those traditional locations we associate with exams, like schools, colleges and universities. So, what is it about our Kensington black and our Stirling blue stacking chair that makes them a top choice with many of our clients? Here’s a little list in case you were wondering!

1. Comfort

You only have to look at our stacking chairs to see the nice cushioning that makes this product so comfy to sit on. We’ve actually chosen a higher grade upholstery than the kind usually used in similar products from other suppliers. What this means for our customers, is that the cushioning retains it’s shape and support over time, a major bonus for candidates taking exams that last for hours. This chair hire product line also offers lumbar support so the seat-back fits neatly into the curve of the spine.

2. Price

Quality makes this a top item for lots of events, but so does its price! Budgets vary and some customers will have more financing to work with than others. This is especially true of education institutions, such as schools and colleges, which might need to stretch funding a little further than a large business for example. We keep all rates for our furniture very low, including our stacking chairs. This ensures it’s economically priced so customers with smaller budgets can afford them too.

3. They’re armless

Arms on chairs can really add to feelings of stability when you’re sitting down. They provide support and a selection of our seating even have arms that move, such as our luxury ergonomic chair. Although there is a lot of need for arms on seating, sometimes it works better when there aren’t any. This is why we offer our office chairs with or without them. Chairs without arms fit very easily under tables and desks, making them ultra versatile. This is also true in regard to our stacking chairs, creating a very good combination when you team them with our folding exam desks.

4. Smart style

When you hire affordable seating, you don’t have to compromise on the look of the product. Both our plastic chairs and our stacking chairs have a stylish look, and for those classy professional environments our stacking line are one of our most popular. Schools, colleges and any other client who is looking to set up smart exam halls will get just the seating they require by ordering either our Kensington black or Stirling blue stacking chair.

5. Stack them - store them

Convenience is another great benefit to this product line because they are designed to be stacked. This sounds like a simple feature, but it can really impact events, such as exams. This is because they arrive in large batches that are straightforward to move around venues - resulting in quicker set ups. Being stackable, you’re also able to store them in such a way that they preserve space, and when you need them, simply unstack the numbers required and set them up.