Four Ways To Attract Attention At Exhibitions 18Aug

Four Ways To Attract Attention At Exhibitions

While at a very large business event at the ExCeL we got to see how great our high Lab desks are for these events, and saw all the great ways different exhibitors attracted attention to their stands.

How to be eye-catching

At a very busy business event we took great notice in our companies encourage clients, potential customers and fellow people in the industry to meet with them and learn about their company and services. Taking place at the exceptionally spacious ExCeL, an event of this size sees many thousands of visitors turning up, as well as a high number of exhibitors. So, what tips and techniques can you use to stimulate interaction and meetings between you and those all-important guests?

Here are some of the most popular ways we saw in action to meet delegates and potentially spread awareness of your organisations and perhaps boost sales!

1. The business card swap

Even in this digital age, where we can easily find companies and people who work for them on business websites, it’s still very important to have business cards to hand. And, if you’re heading to an exhibition or conference soon make sure you don’t forget them, as you could soon benefit from this first tip. We noticed that many exhibitors were offering free entry into competitions with some fantastic prizes, such as iPads, mobile phones and experiences, such as short overnight trips in exclusive hotels. All that was required was a business card, and this small act is a great way to break the ice and also get contact details for those attending events.

2. Fun and games

Asking for business cards in return for potential prices is quite a gentle ice breaker, but we noticed that some exhibitors went all out to attract attention. If you have a good sized budget to work with then there are probably few limits to how creative you can be. The most fun and eye catching method we saw that got visitors interacting with the company as a ‘grab-a-grand’ cubicle.

Richer in 30 seconds?

This involved guests entering a special box in order to collect as many pieces of fake money in thirty seconds, with the overall winner being presented with £1,000. The challenge was made harder as the money was blown around the box!

3. Please with freebies

Plain and simple freebies are a fantastic way to ensure to make contact with delegates. At this recent event we received all sorts of goodies, including pens, calculators, balls and fabric bags, to name but a few! As well as giving you the chance to chat with visitors, you’re also giving them products that can be branded and useful, so others see them, boosting your brand awareness. But not all freebies have to be emblazoned with logos to be memorable, food, champagne and cupcakes all made an appearance and looked like they were being very much enjoyed!

4. Inviting spaces

Once you’ve attracted the attention of delegates and broken the ice - what then? Well inviting them for a more extensive chat could be very helpful indeed. During these kinds of meetings you can show how your organisation has the products and services clients require, as well as finding out about the specific requirements of your consumer base, which could end up positively impacting marketing strategies in the future. In order to do this you need an inviting space that allows all these types of meetings to take place.

Lab desks - why they’re perfect for exhibitions!

On this occasion our client attracted attention to their cubicle with the help of our high lab desk, a great product for those exhibitions where you’d like professional looking displays. Our medium back stools with chrome legs and black leather seat was a great complement to our chrome poseur tables, providing stylish and smart meeting areas that were also very comfy too.